From proto-kanban to Full Kanban - David J. Andersson

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This one day course with David J. Andersson focuses on getting past your first steps with Kanban to utilizing the full Software Kanban Method. David will help you see where you are and what your next steps could be.

Many development teams are trying out Kanban, be it that they have a hard time with sticking to the Scrum sprints or that they are more of a DevOps team. Often this change from Scrum to Kanban is taken as "do not plan, or use sprints or iterations".

But there is much more to the Kanban Method than a whiteboard with some sticky notes on it. When utilized to its full potential it carries the promise to completely changing organizations and the people in them.

The man behind the method, David J. Andersson, takes you through the important techniques that will help you move towards a complete Kanban implementation and a Kaizen mindset.

15 mars, 2013 09:00 till 17:00
Kursavgift 8 000,00 SEK (includes Moms of 1 600,00 SEK)

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